BA Used TnT complies with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI)Act. We ensure that no personal information about you will be obtained by BAUsed TnT without your consent
Our website makes use of contact forms. In these forms, we collect your name and contact details that you wish to share with us. We only obtain this information from our contact form/s submission. Should you complete the forms, without granting BA Used TnT consent to contact you, we ensure to refrain from contacting you.
We undertake to only use the information you have consented to give us, to communicate with you about BA Used TnT and the services/products from BAUsed TnT. Only persons employed by BA Used TnT will have access to the information you have submitted to BA Used TnT. Should you want to opt-out of presenting information about yourself, or amend the information you have submitted, you may do so by visiting our website or sending an email and we will immediately action your request.

Furthermore, you may contact our information officer, Brandon Auby, Managing Director of BA Used TnT, at should youfeel that your personal information is being misused by BA Used TnT.

We protect your data and ensure that your information will only be used for internal company use by BA Used TnT and will not be passed on to any third-party without your consent.

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