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Our seasoned team at BA Used Truck & Trailer meticulously selects every vehicle and trailer, guaranteeing a collection of competitively priced, high-quality pre-owned options.

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A One Stop Shop For All Your Used Truck Needs.

At BA Used Truck & Trailer, our mission is to provide our customers with a trusted source for quality pre-owned trucks and trailers. We are committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency in all our dealings, ensuring that each vehicle we offer meets the highest standards of reliability and performance. By delivering exceptional value and service, we aim to become the preferred choice for those seeking dependable transportation solutions in the second-hand market.

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BA Used Truck and Trailer is based in 101 Turffontein road, Glenesk, Johannesburg 2190.  

Fully Inspected

All our used trucks undergo rigorous inspections to ensure their quality and reliability. We inspect each vehicle to identify any issues and rectify them before they land in your hands

Finance Assistance

We believe that financing shouldn't stand in the way of your business growth. That's why we offer flexible and competitive financing options tailored to your unique requirements.

An option to sell to truck or trailer

If you currently own a truck or trailer that you no longer need, BA Used Truck and Trailer can assist with the selling process.

No Hidden Fees

Whether you are looking to purchase a used truck or trailer, or looking to sell your current assets, BA Used Truck and Trailer is here to assist you every step of the way.

Pre-Inspected Trucks

Book an appointment now with one of our friendly staff for a full inspection of your vehicle.
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"Upgrade your road game with BA Used Trucks and Trailers! It's not just a truck; it's your success partner. Our top-notch semi-trucks redefine reliability and efficiency. From day one, I knew I had made the winning choice. Choose BA for quality and performance that stands out in every journey!"
Blanche Field

Lovely Customer

"Our company retreat at sea was a resounding success, thanks to Rent Yacht and Boat. The event planning team ensured every detail was perfection, from the catering to team-building activities. The crew's professionalism and the stunning backdrop of the open waters made it an unforgettable experience for our team."
Lana Steiner

Lovely Customer

"Experience the road like never before with BA Used Trucks and Trailers! It's more than a ride; it's a journey towards success. Our carefully maintained semi-trucks set new standards for reliability and efficiency. The moment I hit the road, I knew I had chosen excellence. Opt for BA – where quality and performance take the lead!"
Demi Wilkinson

Lovely Customer

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